Have Computers to Donate? Know How to Fix Computers?


Need a Computer?

Computers4Cause takes recycling to the next level.

We repair donated and left behind computers, and distribute them to local individuals and organizations in need.

About Us

Founded in 2010 by Jim Brock the owner of a local computer repair store and Mary Vigneault in response to public interest in donating used computers, Computers4cause is dedicated to helping individuals better themselves through the use of technology. Individuals and businesses can donate working and non-working computers to be fixed and distributed to individuals and organizations in need.

Mission Statement

The mission of Computers4cause is to improve the quality of life of area residents by providing access to technology for education, training and employment search purposes.

How You Can Help


We currently accept the following:

Monitors (No CRT)
(Typing Programs, Educational Programs, etc.)
Monetary donations are also welcome

**All Donations are Tax Deductible**

Computers4cause is always looking for volunteers to help us complete our mission. Currently Computers4cause runs on combination of paid technicians and volunteers.

Apply for Computers
If you are currently in need of a computer/computers or know an individual or organization in need, please visit the application portion of our website to apply. Applications can also be mailed, faxed or hand delivered.

Contact Us

Drop off locations:

Eastern Location:
5130 South Fort Apache Road #263
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Phone: (702) 487-5557
E-mail: Jim@computers4cause.com